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Project Factfile

  • Client: Big Web Warehouse
  • Contact: Ian Woodcock, Rob Cooper
  • Industry: Storage
  • Requirements: SEO, HTML Tweaks, Content, Flash Demonstration

The project brief: populate site with content and integrate SEO

The client has an existing storage business with a ranked business to business website that has top natural listings for the keywords selected by the client. The constraints of spider algorithms meant that, whilst scoring highly for general sector specific search terms, like ‘pallet storage’, the client wanted to have a higher profile for core business activities in their local area of Peterborough. The client wanted to maximise on natural search results and did not want to pay for advertising to support the site.

Our solution

Internet Assets Ltd secured the domain and commissioned a unique CSS based design from a leading site designer suitable for duplication for other projects. IA Ltd. wrote the content and created the imagery to support the content. The site was written to support the core activity of ‘storage’ and the location ‘Peterborough’ and all variations of similar keywords. The task included writing persuasive copy with a keen eye on the search engine optimisation. The copy was key-word rich detracting from the sales message. IA Ltd. built the site mapping and analytics to support the site.

The site included an online demonstration using an ‘over the shoulder’ video technique to show users the ease of operation and features of the stock control system. View the demo here.


The site was conceived in May 2009 and fully operational by August 2009 and currently shows a front page top three placing in the natural search for the keywords Storage in Peterborough. The contact form is used regularly and the most recent enquiry was for an account worth £70k per annum.


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