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The Rain Director is an electronic control unit for rainwater harvesting systems. It is a great little invention but that in itself is problematic in search engine terms – because it did not exist and therefore there was no search history.

The site was designed in WordPress to give the administrators the maximum flexibility to edit and post news without the requirement for advanced web design skills.

The site was designed by Internet Assets to meet a brief that required the look to be clean, bright and not intimidating. It is a complex electronic gadget and it is purchased by non-technical consumers and technically able rainwater professionals. The tone had to be light and approachable and yet include enough tech support information to meet the exacting standards of the professional visitor.

Rainwater Harvesting is a very high (though niche) volume interest subject and the main web site attracts 14500 visits per month – mostly UK. The site made the use of this visitor traffic to gain fast Google recognition backed up with WordPress’s exceptional SEO enhancing qualities.

The trade name was quickly pushed into the market with above the line trade advertising, directory listing, press releases, blogs and exhibition presence. The professional take up was excellent and many now link to the site enhancing the Google ranking of what would otherwise be a difficult to rank site.

The iste is due an overhaul now but it is performing well and the product is fully established in a tough market in less than 18 months.

Visit the Rain Director  site.

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