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The brief: Build new UK based reseller website for Dahle the German manufacturer of Shredders and Cutters

Dahle Germany had an established European product catalogue website that provided consumers with all the product information required for a purchase decision. The UK market did not have a Dahle dedicated site that would serve to provide UK consumers with product information and purchasing opportunities.

Big Web Warehouse was appointed to oversee the project and offer fulfilment facitilities for upper end shredders. In turn, Internet Assets was tasked with building the site, generating traffic and converting visitors into sales. It was a blank canvas and other than the basic brief, there were no design constraints; the client being content to allow the development to continue without undue influence.

The Internet Assets team used the flexible PrestShop platform and supported it with WordPress, SEO and low levels of SEM. The relevant keywords had low click rates as the client had not promoted the brand above the line in the UK, relying on retail and catalogue presence to generate sales.

A strong SEO campaign to bring the keyword ‘Dahle’ and ‘Dahle Shredders’ up the UK rankings and attractive retail offers were successful in raising the profile of Dahle. This had the spin off benefit of raising the profile of other UK vendors with the aim of building market share.

Dahle introduced the Dust Free Shredder in Spring 2011 and had to rely on online presence to promote the product as the uptake of new products in the sector by catalogues and conventional retailers has a defined time table. Also, the key search terms were not recognised by Google (being a new concept) and so an intense effort in SEO was initiated to get the keywords into the results. Internet Assets used online directories, xml streaming and PPC to push the product into the keyword consciousness.

The online store is producing good sales and top Google natural search results notwithstanding the economic climate and some larger government and corporate business accounts have been supplied. More later..

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