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The brief: Search Engine Optimise and promote an established site.

The client had an established website that had been constructed in 2001. The site had some excellent features and performed well in its task of converting visitors drawn to the site using adwords and other SEM to enquiries. The client wanted first page presence in the natural listings in search engines.

Our solution

Internet Assets Ltd re-wrote the site to draw the attention of all search engine spiders to the keywords of pallet storage and commercial warehouse storage (6 million pages Google UK search November 2009). The site was added to all directories and search engines and carefully sitemapped to reflect the core activity of the business. The copy was written with both the reader and the ability for the reader to find the pages. The re-write was ethical and free from ‘black hat’ tricks to build search engine presence in competitive search environments.


The search results for the keywords are currently yielding top front page listings for the keywrod and phrases. The client has been able to scale back other supporting advertising expenditure and Internet Assets Ltd is briefed to maintain a constant content maintenance programme to hold the positions.

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