Does your website speak your customer’s language?

If your website is only available to visitors in your county’s native language you are potentially missing a more-than-significantly sized audience; and if your website is commercially driven, that’s a massive hole in the market through which you could be losing custom!

Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language and a further estimated over a billion people speak English as their second language, across 53 countries around the world where English is listed as an ‘Official Language’. These statistics don’t even begin to include the countries where English is a dominant language within society but has not been listed as an ‘Official Language’ by the government.

So, does your website speak your customer’s language? If not, we can help!

Anything to English (Search Engine Friendly Translation)

Your website may not be commercially driven, it may just be for informative purposes. Whatever its purpose, the objective of a website is always the same; to talk to your visitors. We can make it do that, and be search engine friendly.

We will work with your translator to translate your website from its native language into an excellent hard working copy for use in the English language version of your website. If you don’t have a translator we will find one for you in order to convert any foreign language into hard selling copy.

We don’t presume to understand a foreign language better than you; you’re the native speaker after all. However, we can apply the search engine optimisation (SEO) rules to make your English version copy work better for you.

Content Revision

Maybe you’ve already had your website translated into English but aren’t satisfied with the result or perhaps your website is English but you’re not satisfied with the content that’s been produced…

In essence, do you think that your content could work harder for you?

Transforming less than web-friendly text into hard working copy is our bread and butter. Simply show us what you’ve got so far and we’ll give your website a content makeover!


Your site was written in Mandarin and translated to English. The copy is perfectly translated, it just lacks the sales tone and current keywords that that a creative website copywriter would add. We will take the translated copy and re-write it to make it work much harder for you.

Want to start communicating with your customers? Review our work rates below, and contact us to find out more!

Work Rates

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