Website Redesign

Do you have a website, but feel that its appearance doesn’t mirror the professional standards of your company? Is the appearance of your website out of touch with the nature and theme of your products? Has the appearance of your website been neglected over time, and you now think its time it had a makeover? We can help!

Re-modelling may include some or all of the following:

  • Removal of excess code e.g conversion to CSS based scripting
  • Building page tags and data required by spiders
  • Creation of included elements – navigation, footers, headers
  • Creation and submission of sitemaps
  • Listing with key directories
  • Linking in and out with relevant external sites
  • Improvement of key images and copy
  • Provision of feedback and quotation forms
  • Cleaning of databases
  • Addition of features like ecommerce, blogs, article submission
  • We offer a complete web redesign or re-modelling service that will regenerate the appearance and functionality of your website, whilst retaining key components that make your website unique to you and your company. We will redesign your website, not re-brand it.

    We understand and appreciate that there are certain elements of your website that make you stand out from your competitors. That’s why we will endeavour to incorporate traditional brand concepts of your company into a redesign. In essence, keeping things exactly as they were; but vastly improved behind the scenes!

    There are a variety of reasons for needing a redesign of your website, below are just a few examples that you may be able to relate to:

    Keep it Simple

    If your website was designed years ago it may not necessarily look bad in its appearance; but recent developments in coding may make your website run and load in a smoother, faster way. We improve your site by editing the way in which the website code is all tied together out of public view – this in turn affects how the public view your website and how they can interact with it. Lengthy and unnecessary coding can prove to be a navigational nightmare, it can reduce your website’s visibility and slow the functionality. We can quickly improve simple things, such as how pages link to one another and ultimately make your website more user friendly.

    Improved Functionality

    Again, it may not be the case that your website needs to alter its image, but you want to improve features of your website through the addition of a forum, news blog, or online shop. These can be added without the need to disturb the original site. Integrating an simple ecommerce package can quickly convert an existing catalogue and information site to a functioning shop. Websites that are not built on an ecommerce platform can be converted to include ecommerce elements. Internet Assets Ltd will create an SQL database and shop front that can be easily populated by the buyer and developed to take advantage of the boom in online sales.  A news blog (or article generation can build a contacts database and a forum can get you closer to your customers and allow them to discuss issues about your business sector. 

    Stay Ahead of the Competition

    In most cases, the content of a website is spot on; after all, it’s what you do! However, the appearance of a website can often cheapen and tarnish a company’s reputation; failing to instill potential customers with a sense of trust which can be highly detrimental when you then lose those customers to a competitor! As touched upon above, it is vital that the appearance of your website appropriately reflects the professional standards of your company. There is little point in having great content if the platform upon which it’s presented pales in comparison. Especially if it pales in comparison to another company! Image is everything.

    New Product? New Presentation!

    If you’re launching a new product, then now may be the right time to overhaul the image of your website to give it a brand new look to go with a brand new product. Keeping things fresh will entice customers to visit your website again. A sudden change in appearance underlines that new products are available, and the customer doesn’t then have the browse through pages of products to find out what’s new.

    Does your website need a makeover? Review our work rates below, and contact us to find out more!

    Work Rates

    We will probably charge a lot less than you think. We are open to imaginative payment solutions.