Website designed and built from scratch

Where to start

The best place to start is with your customers. What are they searching for and what do they want to do when they find you?

A good start point is the domain name and whilst it is important to get the right name, it is not absolutely critical to the success of your site. If you are called Marks Co Ltd. and you want to be found by people who know you, you will need to buy a domain like If you sell grasshoppers (and people know they want to buy grasshoppers) the ideal domain is The reason is that the search engines are looking for the most accurate result to deliver in response to the search, so if you just sell grasshoppers and have a site called, you are already telling the spiders that yours may not be the best site to offer the visitor.

The next decision is to do with the structure of the site. Is it a catalogue, a shop, an online brochure or a ‘blog’ (source of articles and news) or all of these things. There are templates to cover most website types. Which raises the question…

Template or not to template?

You can buy a template online which will have a whole bundle of features built in and ready to go. These sites are not expensive and can be up and running in very little time if you have the copy and images to upload. The only snag is that your site will look like 1’000s of others and if you want to be seen to be special – you will need a site designed specially for you.

The good news is that we can redesign and rewrite the templates to your specification. The template will be written in a universal language and with additional elements built in by our team the template can be made to look like no other version.


Building a site with ecommerce support is now a great deal easier than it was only a few years ago. The supporting script and SQL databases now function perfectly with a number of different payment service providers, like Paypal, RBSWorldPay, Barclaycard Business epdq, Google Checkout. Our designers will build a site that draws the product and delivery infomration from the database into a custom designed webpage that entices the visitor to buy and then sweep them through to the secure payment provider.

Article and News Submission

Often known as blogs, these sites are used to communicate with your visitors – to advise, inform and update using a real time website interface that allows instant uploads and editing of articles. This is best demonstrated here. If you Log In to this test area you will find simple page that will allow you to write and post a test article and see it online. This opens a whole new world for most business site owners, many of whom rely on third parties to upload and change pages for them. And better yet, the pages you upload will all enhance the spiders view of your website as they are searchable and search engine friendly.