Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

One size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to SEO. This becomes apparent quite quickly during a client website brief.

One website may be very dynamic, rich with images, and highly visitor friendly; but it may be nearly invisible to the search engine spiders. Whilst another website may be perfectly configured for the spiders to view, and perform well in a natural search; but fail as a tool of communication to its visitors.

SEO is no ‘black hat’ technique; all it boils down to is just a simple set of rules imposed by Google which in turn have been adopted by most other search engines to varying degrees. Google isn’t trying to hamper your commercial interests, it’s simply helping to make your visitors’ search & find experience as accurate, efficient, and painless as possible. Surfing for information on bed duvet covers only to be presented with adult content websites, masquerading as bedding resellers, is a thing of the long & distant past!

On the contrary, search engine optimisation can in fact enhance your commercial interests by ensuring that your company attains a higher search engine page rank in comparison to any ill-informed competition that you may have, thereby leaving your competition behind in a cloud of dust, whilst you steam ahead of the game.

Build it, and they will come?

The point we’re making here is that you may have an all singing, all dancing website that is highly dynamic and incredibly user-friendly, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into traffic if your website is poorly optimised; and what’s the point in having a website for people to look at if they can’t even find it to begin with?

That is why these days it pays to have the search engine optimisation rules in mind before committing large sums of money to converting a good design into a website. Ideally, SEO should be embedded within the very fabric of a website; present every step of the way and built from the ground up. That said, there is no harm in weaving SEO manipulation into your website as an after thought other than the inevitable expense it will cost you.

Questions we ask include…

As a general guide, if over 25% of visitors to your website come from paid advertising such as Google AdWords you could possibly benefit from some SEO manipulation of your site.

We can help!

We will start by investigating who your potential visitors are and what keywords they are likely to use in order to find out what you do. We then go over your website with a fine tooth comb in order to correctly optimise your website within the rules laid out by Google.

In essence, the domain name and page URL are majorly important idicators used by search engines to ensure that you do actually offer what you say you offer.

Next, comes the page title and content tags (whatever anyone says about them being redundant), and then finally the actual content itself.

If all of the above match the search keywords entered by the visitor then the search engine will deliver the website to the visitor, provided nothing important is switched off.

On the first page

After all that, the issue now is how high up the page rank the website gets, and that is a whole different ball game.

Being on the first page of a natural search, i.e. the free left hand side listing, is ultimately determined by a mix of page rank (a measure imposed by Google), as well as the number, and quality of competing websites or webpages.

Your website can be forgiven a multitude of sins and still make the front page if there aren’t many competing pages, and if those that are competing are poorly constructed. Through this alone, a website could become number one.

However, getting onto the front page in a highly competitive market, e.g. mobile phones, mortgages, or holidays, is a highly specialised business and requires a large investment of time and effort. Gaining a higher page position essentially involves elbowing someone else further down the list, thereby replacing them. Survival of the fittest for real.

Here’s a brief checklist of some of the factors that normally produce higher rankings:

Building the fittest website

Our goal at Internet Assets is to supply you with a website that has the potential to perform well in natural search.

To do that, we will either redevelop an existing site or build a new site so that it conforms to best practice. We expect a site supplied by us to perform well because it is well constructed and is well optimised.

The site will be sustainable and easy to update. It will not be littered with tricks and it will not be built on sand.

Ready to beat natural selection? Review our work rates below, and contact us to find out more!

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