Why buy or purchase a website?

Get the message out

Normally the object of buying a website is to improve your communications with your customers or readers. A website gives so many more dimensions to the printed catalogue, journal or newspaper but the objective is usually the same; to sell, inform or recruit.

You may already own a functioning site. This site may act as catalogue, an information source, a shop front or a powerful advert. It probably also highlights your specialist products or services in an effective way that promotes your brand.

I don’t need to read more, just contact me about buying a website.

Why own more than one website? or Beating Search Engines

Up until recent times having one website was enough. If the site was well written and had the right links into it and out of it a site quickly paid its way.  Today Google rules the search world and competitors struggle to write search engines to compete. The price is that unless your site follows Google’s rules implicitly you can have a very good web site that few can see.

How to win

You can increase your chance of being seen by owning a content specific website. These websites are written with certain keywords in mind. For example, a firm of solicitors may have had a website called absolicitors.co.uk. This site is a general site that talks about all the firm’s services and is peppered with references to the firm and its services. Visitors would find the site if they know the url and may chance upon it if the site achieves a natural search position. It is possible to take a more direct approach in winning a free listing.

If the firm specialises for example, in matrimonial work, a site from a domain divorce-specialists-london.co.uk that is targeted at keywords divorce, specialists and London may perform better than the more general site. This site is not reliant on the visitor knowing the firm’s name; it is seeking the visitor by presenting a page that matches the visitor’s search words

At Internet Assets Ltd., we design, develop and write content specific sites. We will help find the right domain name, build the site and get it working for you with the search engines. Or we can redesign an existing site to perform the same task.

Some tips of buying a website.